To those of you have supported the DSABV in the past - thank you! I hope that your generosity towards our mission continues and you see the difference you make. To those of you who may be first-time donors, I urge you to explore our website to learn more about our programs and how we strive to serve individuals with Down syndrome and their families in the greater Brazos Valley.

To make a gift right now, just click our ‘DONATE NOW’ button at any time and in a few easy steps, you will be on your way towards making a difference!

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Down Syndrome Association
Down Syndrome Association
Down Syndrome Association

Why Give

Donating to DSABV means

Network of Support

New babies and parents are welcomed into Brazos Valley by a group who will walk beside them as they navigate a new and potentially unexpected life. They have an automatic support network to share the struggles and joys of raising a child with Down syndrome.

Therapy-Modeled Classes

Kids who typically have slower speech and gross & fine motor development are able to participate in therapy-modeled classes with trained therapists and/or volunteers to supplement programs received through ECI and PPCD.

Educate & Training

DSABV can offer (or partner with other organizations) to offer education and training programs for parents and self advocate in topics like IEP’s, healthy relationships, cooking, tutoring. Local educators have a resource to reach out to for strategies in ways to best support a child with Down syndrome.

Updated Medical Guidelines

Local medical providers are offered up to date information on delivering a diagnosis of Down syndrome and updated adult care medical guidelines.

Make a Difference

You have fulfilled your desire to Make A Difference and help us create a world where individuals with Down syndrome are born into an understanding and inclusive community where their abilities and potential are recognized and they thrive in the life of their choosing.

Support Advocacy

DSABV is able to support advocacy at a national and state level on legislative and medical issues.

In-Kind Donation

The DSABV is very appreciative each year to receive substantial in-kind goods and services for its events and operations. These donations greatly impact the stewardship of the DSABV’s resources, since many of these items would otherwise require payment in order to satisfy the needs of our programs.

If you and/or your company have access to items or services that could alleviate costs associated with the operations of our events and programs, please contact Melisa Spradlin at

Examples of in-kind goods and services include:

  • Design and printing services for daily and event usage
  • Unique items for auctions, raffles and gift bags
  • A commemorative award for an event honoree
  • Food and/or beverage to be enjoyed at an event