Director of Operations

Darla Dyke

Hi my name is Darla Dyke. I am the Director of Operations but also a Mom of a young man with Down Syndrome. I have been a part of this organization since the beginning. I am always looking for new adventures for our members along with ways to grow the organization. If you have attended one of our events you know the love that we share between the families. Everything we do is centered around independence and inclusion. As a parent the DSABV has helped me prepare for today, tomorrow and the future. No one should feel alone we are here to help conquer the journey.

My son Dillon has helped our family in ways I can’t describe the love, patience, struggles are all done with a smile and a HUG!


Website & Social Media Manager

Alleigh Sheinfeld

Hello! My name is Alleigh and I am the Website & Social Media Manager for the DSABV. My younger brother, Zachary, who has down syndrome, has impacted my life in more ways than I can even begin explain or even imagine. I have lived in the Brazos Valley for 7 years now and love the community! And though my brother does not live here with me, I am excited to meet everyone who will impact me in the ways Zachary has.